Industry Impact

The production, distribution, sales, and consumption of wine in Texas benefit many sectors of the state’s economy and generates close to $13.1 billion in total economic activity. This ultimate value-added product preserves agricultural land, provides American jobs, attracts tourists, generates taxes, and enhances the quality of life.

How can that be when Texas showed an economic impact of $2.27B in 2015? How can this big increase occur in two years? Understanding the methodology of this study compared to studies in the past answers most of that question. Past studies have only focused on the Direct Economic Impact. The 2017 Economic Impact Study brings in the Direct Economic Impact along with the Supplier Impact and Induced Economic Impact to create a much more comprehensive look at the industry.

Download the whole study here:


Legislative Success in 2019 with the passage of HB3766 & SB1939 for the Growers Storage Bill.
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